Cyclops is so 90’s.

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Is there anything worse than putting on a pair of jeans that have fit you perfectly for years only to find they’re a little too tight?

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So, you know how all the Martian generals in Aldnoah Zero hate the people who live on Earth with an undying passion, like super racist, want to commit genocide, kind of hate?  Yeah, that makes absolutely no fucking sense to me.  Every Martian character introduced so far is older than me, except for the princess and her handmaiden.  All the generals appear to be in their mid-20s to mid or late-30s.  That means that every single one of them must have parents who were born on Earth, because parents were born only a year before the Hypergate was discovered.  And they were pretty young when I was born!  The emperor must have been in his 40s or 50s when he left Earth, at the youngest!  These people must have grown up surrounded by people who lived most of their lives on Earth.  I want to see more of what the actual culture is like in the VERS Empire, like normal days in normal people’s lives.  Are these people horribly cruel to their parents?  Do they not partake in any of the rituals and traditions that they used to on Earth?

It makes no sense to me.

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After weeks of waiting on line, it’s finally here: U2’s new album! UCB1 reports.

I promise you, this video is worth it, just to see GREG.

If you watch this whole video and don’t find GREG worth it. I will mail you a hand written letter that says “FUCK YOU”

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petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix 


what’s with these people telling me I’m “full of myself”?? of course I’m full of myself what else is my body supposed to be full of